Rosey for a Cure

Rosey for a Cure

There’s a reason everyone calls him “Rosey”.

Paul Rosen had to have his leg amputated in 1999 after numerous surgeries.

After losing his leg at 39 years old, “Rosey” went on to try Sledge Hockey for the first time; within a year he had made Team Canada! From there, he competed in three Paralympics and won a gold medal at the Torino Games in 2006 as one of the oldest rookies in Winter Paralympics history! However, that’s not why Rosey needs our help. Rosey’s met every challenge life threw at him. He has raised three beautiful children and given over 1,000 motivational talks since choosing life and having his leg amputated in 1999.

Rosey has attended thousands of events and charity functions and often makes surprise hospital visits: always driving the message, “never give up.” Suffice to say, Rosey forgets to care for himself. He prioritizes everyone else. For years, Rosey lived silently in pain after his old prosthetic leg wore out. He never told anyone until he slipped and fell and finally admitted he needed rest and a new leg. Rosey needs a new prosthetic C-leg – it’s a computerized prosthetic that costs upwards of $85,000. It will take away his pain and allow him to continue advocating for the differently-abled community. If anybody asked him about getting a C-leg, he’ll say

“It’s a nice dream, but I can’t afford that.”

So, we’re turning the tables on Rosey and working to make his only dream come true. We’re launching this campaign and need your help to make Rosey’s dream a reality! However – there’s more. The ONLY way that Rosey would even consider accepting this help is, of course, if he could give back on a grand stage. So, once we raise $85,000 for Rosey’s new leg, he has committed to a yearly 60-day fundraising walk to raise money for spinal cord and brain injury research. Shoot for a Cure is close to Rosey’s heart because he is already an Ambassador for the StopConcussions Foundation and has incurred so many injuries over the years, including 10 concussions, and have watched others suffer from brain and spinal cord injuries. Rosey’s already planning his first walk in 2018. He’s going to leave from Toronto and walk to Montreal – stopping along the way to raise money and bring his message of hope to those who need it most.

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