Easel Program

Art Easel Program

Shoot For A Cure has partnered with Funding Innovations and their fundraising art easel program to allow local businesses to donate space, rather than products, time or money and help raise awareness and funds in their local community. Patrons can purchase high quality framed artwork with proceeds raising money for Shoot For A Cure.

This program is designed to be of no cost, no risk, and no obligation for any business owner, while assisting Shoot For A Cure to raise funds in their community. Other community partners such as the Lions Clubs have recently teamed up with Shoot For A Cure, and are seeing great results. If you are a member of a Lions Club or other service organization and would like to find out about our Easel program, please contact us today! You can help! If you have a business or know of a location where you think an easel would work to raise funds for SFAC, please contact Caitlin Terry at cterry@csro.com for more information.