Jeff Hanson's Original Chief Jersey from the Movie Slap Shot

In 1977, the now classic movie Slap Shot was released. It the story based in the fictional small town of Charlestown, Pennsylvania. The local mill is about to lay off 10,000 workers, indirectly threatening the existence of the town’s minor league hockey team, the Charlestown Chiefs. After discovering that the team is to be folded, player-coach Reggie Dunlop lets the Hanson Brothers, the club’s recent acquisitions, loose on their opponents. The brothers’ actively violent and thuggish style of play excites the fans. Dunlop retools the team, using violence to draw big crowds.

Fortunately, in August 2017 a longtime supporter of the Shoot for a Cure Campaign donated the Original Charlestown Chiefs Jersey worn by Jeff Carlson playing Jeff Hanson in the classic movie Slap Shot.

This jersey can be yours today, with proceeds from the sale being donated to Shoot for a Cure Fundraising Campaign. The jersey is signed by Dave Killer Carlson, Denis Lemieux, Dave Hanson, Steve Carlson, Johnny Upton, Dr. Hook and Jeff Carlson!